I'm assuming the answer is 'no', but I thought I'd toss this out there in case someone knows something about this.

Based on things I've read, it seems that women in general supposedly have a bigger tolerance for pain and discomfort than men, which makes sense from a biological perspective.

However, this does not hold true for me. I have absolutely no ability to deal with pain; a little finger prick will be bothering me for hours, and a mild headache literally shuts down operations, I'm not functional. My husband, however, has the highest pain tolerance I've ever seen; he's had major surgery with minimal anesthetic and no painkillers (Italy for some reason has a pretty warped view of painkillers, as in it's rare to get them, even after surgeries or other traumas), which wasn't pleasant but he was able to deal.

So this got me to wondering: is there a way for me to increase my pain tolerance without subjecting myself to tons of pain? What makes one person better able to handle pain than another person; is it psychological, or does it have more to do with neurotransmitters and chemicals?