Sorry to be lazy. I am not going to search the archives for the answer, but instead just ask.

I do not have a crock pot.

Who here bakes their bone broth all day? I don't want to leave it on the stove top while I am gone. I spend much of my day running back and forth (3 miles) to help care for my MIL who is terminally ill.

I roasted the beef bones for a bit, added some cider vinegar to the cold water (didn't soak them), brought it to a boil on the range and then simmered for an hour. When I left, I popped it in a 250 degree oven with the lid ajar.

I just got home 2 hours later and I'm thinking I'll just leave it in the oven all day. Kind of an energy drain, but the only other option is popping it back/forth between range/oven as I run in/out. Add water as needed, although I think I might put the lid on completely instead.

My guess is this is just fine. Heat is heat. It is simmering in the oven.

I can't wait for this delicious broth. I will probably only cook it for 15 hours. Last time I did only 12 hours and the broth was nice and gelatinous when cooled. The marrow? Complete heaven! I have to remember not to eat it all at once this time (5 bones) since I felt sick from all the fat.

Thanks. Pam