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Thread: Goitrogens

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    I agree that people shouldn't just start on iodine (although I used to think otherwise). Knowing what I know about Hashmoto's being so common and how iodine can speed up the immune system's destruction of the thyroid, it's a bad idea to just take it!!

    I think Emmie misunderstood when I mentioned the thyroid being destroyed. I'm very familiar with Hashimoto's protocols and the fact that it's an autoimmune disease. THe immune system does destroy the gland and the treatment for Hashimoto's is not the same as regular thyroid treatment (and there are 7 different patterns of other types of hypothyroidsim and they each have a specific protocol.) Treating Hashi's with thyroid meds does nothing to address the underlying autoimmune issue.

    I am also familiar with the fact that tests may come back negative depending on when they were taken. Usually gluten provocation is used to get a positive. If someone is being treated for Hashi's with meds, they are most likely not being treated optimally. Optimal Hashi's treatment includes testing the TH-1 and TH-2 pathways (with a panel that includes TNFa, IL-10, IL-12, and IL-4) to find which part of the immune system is dominant and determining if any antigens are present.
    After the pathway is determined, the opposite pathway is stimulated to balance out the immune response and supplements are used to reduce inflammation.
    If this sounds unfamiliar, I highly suggest Datis Kharrazian's book. He is light years ahead in the field of functional endocrinology and treating the root cause of Hashimoto's:-)

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    One thing about the iodized salt: I heard iodine is different from iodide. The former is naturally found in sea vegetables and seafood and is supposedly better at preventing goiters... does anyone know if the reduced or the oxidized form are used or absorbed differently?

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