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Thread: Eating with hands

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    Go to India. Everybody eats with their hands there.
    Eating with your hands is pretty common in Egypt also. They tend to use the pita style flatbread and split it open to grasp with with their fingers but reaching in and eating with your hands is generally ok. I did iftar (breakfast during Ramadan) with my friend's family and I don't think silverware was used for much except for things like soup.

    And I agree, it just feels right and I do it pretty much all the time.
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    People around the world eat with their hands. It's not a big deal. You wouldn't eat fruit with silverware?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BestBetter View Post
    On the topic of weird eating habits, my husband has this hatred of spoons. Won't use them, even if it's clearly a better decision than a fork. He refuses to eat soup because it requires a spoon. WTF?
    Drink soup from the bowl as is common in Japan. I pour broth into a coffee cup.

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    I've actually heard that there are enzymes on the hand that help with digestion and make food taste better. I can assert the latter but I haven't googled this.
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    We eat bbq foods and cabbage/lettuece wraps with our hands, but not much else.

    Maybe i'll implement this, I'm pretty sure the BF wouldn't mind at all. Less washing up!
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