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    I often eat a bit of grain on cheat meals... like a yummy molten chocolate cake... and it doesn't seem to affect me, so if I were you I'd eat it. If she's making it from scratch it at least won't have HFCS in it!

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    Oh the humanity!
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    96 year old grandmother, meaningful tradition... I say yes. Unless you want to refuse, give her a stroke and explain to the rest of the family how the paleo diet killed grandma.

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    Dude, I have celiac disease and I'd have a hard time saying no to something special like that (although I'd have to but would probably ask her to make me some with rice lasagna noodles instead). I personally believe the 20% rule was made for times like this.
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    of course I would eat it.

    I'd eat it once a week if i saw her that often.

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    Yes. One non-primal meal is not going to kill anyone unless it comes with a side of arsenic.
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    Unless it made me "go to the ER ill", I'd eat it. And enjoy every bite. In fact, do you need a friend to go with you?

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    i eat my mother's lasagna whenever she makes it, which is only a couple of times a year. eating a non-primal meal isn't go to much to you unless you've got celiacs or a pretty intense intolerance to something. so i say eat up, and take the leftovers home and eat them. if your grandmother's lasagna is anything like the stuff i'm used to, you'll be licking the pan it was baked in.

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    Eat it, until it's gone, and enjoy it.

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