I did a little experiment to see if quality of calories really do matter as Taubes states. I thought I would do a little "cleanse" for the past week, eating apples, raw carrots, some almond butter, raw salads, and have been eating wheat (don't get upset!) in the form of Rye Krisps. I plugged in my daily intake for the past few days just to see how much I have been eating and it totalled about 1100 calories both days. I feel though that I have gained weight, have not stepped on the scale but I can tell.

Even though calorie intake is low, I am eating ONLY carbs and little fat, which just goes that Taubes might really be right after all! It has taken me a while to get in this mindset but now experimenting on myself shows this to be true. Other people have experiences with this? It comes down to insulin spikes correct?