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Thread: muscle size

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    muscle size

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    On work days I eat at 5 am and workout at work for 20 minutes at 8:30 am and have lunch at 12 pm.
    I am getting stronger I have gone from 4 pullups to 25.
    But my muscles don't seem to grow much.

    Should I eat something right after the workout? Or do something else?
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    Strength is very strongly correlated to muscle size, it's just a slow process. Keep getting stronger and you'll get bigger.

    You also need surplus calories to optimally build muscle... so once you're lean, you might want to add a little extra protein and post workout carbs (taters, fruit, rice) to up your calories and maximize recovery.

    Lastly, doing a combination of strength work and higher volume training is generally regarded as best when hypertrophy is your goal. Give this article a read for a bit more on muscle growth if you're interested in the science behind it!
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    Out of curiosity, just how closely is strength correlated to muscle size? My muscles seem to be growing much faster than my strength is, and I train for pure strength, not hypertrophy. Of course, I'm still pretty new to the barbell - maybe it has to do with neuromuscular adaptations at this point? I dunno...i'll take it, though...

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