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Haha, no! I'm totally cool with bad foods every once in a while as a treat.

I guess my issue is that she responds to new information in a totally different way than I would. If she were to approach me with a concern, and mention she had read some interesting research that had massive health implications, I would immediately look into it and come to a conclusion. I would not just shrug and dismiss it and claim I didn't care. That mindset is so foreign to my own that that's really what is bothering me I suppose. If she were, say, a die-hard vegan at least she would have put some effort into forming an opinion.
This is exactly what I was thinking. If my husband has a serious concern I listen to him, he does the same with me. I am the one who found the paleo diet, he didn't want to read the books but he was willing to listen and give it a try. It also helped that I cooked tasty meals. Cooking for your wife would be a big plus. Perhaps having an attractive paleo cookbook lying around might help too. Paleo Comfort Foods - Paleo Food Cookbook and Recipes has great pictures.

But your wife's resistance to new ideas is still a concern. You are on a journey (becoming a parent) where you will encounter so many things that you will have to decide on as a couple. This is new territory and that means new information. My husband and I read so many books about pregnancy, birthing and parenting the one thing we didn't know about and both wish we had is the paleo diet. I can understand why you would want to share what you've learned with her.