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Thread: How to convince the wife of the harmful effect of wheat?

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    Unhappy How to convince the wife of the harmful effect of wheat?

    For the past couple years, I have been convinced about the effectiveness of the primal way of eating and exercise. My wife is unconvinced. We have gotten into plenty of arguments about it. I try and remain calm and rational, not fighting but just presenting the evidence. She has no interest in this whatsoever and says she doesn't care.

    I have gotten her to agree to read one book about the subject of wheat being bad for you. I wanted to get the opinion of the posters here as to which one I should buy for her. I'm leaning towards Wheat Belly, but if anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear what you think.

    Please keep in mind, the book should be about the affect of wheat on the diet in particular, not a normal primal overview.
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