Time to get started, I suppose.

I'm 32, at least 60 lbs overweight, have 2 toddler-aged children, work full-time outside my house, and have been feeling tired ALL the time for many, many years.

I first learned about primal and paleo just about a month ago. I read Why We Get Fat and It Starts With Food and looked at as many Paleo/Primal blogs as I could find. I found Mark's Daily Apple and I read as much as I could.

I went home and talked to my hubby about all this, and I was still mulling it all around in my head. He said "I'll eat whatever you want." (Which I pretty much knew would be his answer - I do all the cooking and food shopping - so unless he comes along he's subject to whatever I bring home). So I planned a week's worth of dinners that met my needs. Then I did another week of dinners. Then I added breakfasts. Then a week later I added lunches. (My breakfasts and lunches - not his. He still eats cereal for breakfast, and grabs some food on the road for lunch.)

In one month, I'm down 8 lbs, feeling less tired and sluggish during the day, not hungry between meals most days, my digestive system likes me better, and overall - I'm just feeling a lot better.

My husband can tell, and he's doing his best to support me... without joining me (for now). He eats whatever I make for dinner, but sometimes still buys himself ice cream or candy and eats it for dessert after I go to bed.

(I actually just bought the Primal Blueprint 21-day total body transformation and I'm going to read it and ask my hubby to join me... we'll see how that goes)

My hardest nights are Sundays, Thursdays, and Wednesdays.

On Sunday and Thursday we take the kids and eat at our parents houses for dinner. They don't really know I'm doing this yet. My mom knows I'm doing something because she noticed the weight loss. Only DH knows the details of how I'm eating (and I'm not sure he remembers all the details all the time).

They plan and cook the meals. I eat the best I can from what's provided. I can usually have some sort of meat or fish, and at my parents there is almost always salad and/or a veggie to eat. At my in-laws, there is sometimes only meat and potatoes. I do my best. They're probably wondering why I'm eating so much meat, lol.

On Wednesday nights 3 of my friends come over and we all contribute to dinner. Each week I ask for dinner ideas, and then everyone votes. I've been trying to veto suggestions like French Toast, and spaghetti and garlic bread, in favor of meat on the grill and roasted veggies... but this will only work for a little while longer before they realize something's up. I'm gonna have to come clean eventually.

I don't like too much attention. I don't like when everything is about me. I'm going to have to get over that if I want to be able to eat better at these three dinners a week.

Although I've been eating this way for most of the last month, I'll start my journal today and move forward from here.