After eating fairly primal for a while, I decided to add potatoes back in small quantities, since we usually grow a few hundred pounds as a staple for fall. I noticed a boiled potato here & there almost made me feel better. I'd lose a lot of water weight the morning after, and my digestion was good. So I figured a heaping helping of oven roasted spuds with a couple of fried eggs on top would also be good. Ate this combo a few days in a row and got massive tummy upset. Ok. I got the message.

So it's been pepper harvest time and we gorged a couple times a week on chilies relleno, stir-fry, bacon-wrapped cream-cheese stuffed jalapenos, etc. I noticed some mild tummy issues, but not bad enough to put me off peppers.

Last night I made a tray of the bacon-wrapped peppers, since they were the last of the season. I didn't eat that many, because there was steak coming off the grill next. But I guess the combo of potatoes for breakfast and peppers with dinner was too much. Woke up this morning with the worst reaction ever! Bad enough I had to stay home from work.

I've also been eating a few tomatoes every day.

So I'm planning to drop back my nightshade consumption until I feel better, then try small servings of one at a time and see what happens. I'd like to get that nice feeling after eating the boiled potatoes, but I wonder if I didn't push myself into an intolerance issue.