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Thread: Sugar chart

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    Sugar chart

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    Hey, I did the Whole30 in June, loved it. Still mostly on the Paleo-wagon, and still feeling great. I cheat a few times a week now but for the most part I'm still eating clean: I now drink beer regularly again and this does not seem to affect my weight or anything, and about twice a week I go to Menchies for some decadence. My question is this:

    Is there some sort of chart that outlines how many grams of sugar you are metabolizing when you eat each particular food? I'd love to know what my sugar intake is when I eat a bowl of ice cream on a cheat day versus when I have a few bites of roasted potatoes or some appetizer corn chips at a mexican restaurant, or a piece of bread.

    Any help would be great!

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    Not sugar, but you could try if you want to count your carbs. It amounts to the same thing really.

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    You could take your blood sugar after the different food choices and see how they differ, it'd be interesting to see.

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