I am about 95% primal. My family, however, is maybe a little more than 50%. Although I do most of the cooking and insure that every meal is primal, my husband and 4-year-old add grains to almost everything. Toast w/ our eggs in the morning, chips with soup at lunch, and rice/pasta with dinner. My husband is a teacher/coach so eats horrible fast food and school lunch 2x/week. Our daughter goes to friends houses and daycare for a few hours where she gets things like goldfish, macaroni and cheese, cookies, crackers, candy!

My mother was just advised to go on a cholesterol-lowering diet by her doctor. She is NOT convinced that primal is going to help her. She eats healthy in the CW sense but has plenty of grains, lean protein and still views fat as evil. Of course she won't listen to me over her doctor ( who probably knows much less about nutrition.)

My question: is it harmful to them to increase their intake of sat. Fat and cholesterol because they obviously have inflammation occurring in their bodies? Should I go with a leaner-primal approach for them?