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Thread: Am I dong more harm than good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Guess I disagree with the majority so far. Saturated fat does not clog your arteries regardless of the rest of your diet! It does not add to the inflammation and it does not lead to harmful metabolic byproducts....

    I look at each single meal as an entity of its own for myself and family. If I make only Primal meals at home they are healthy meals (yes High fat type healthy) then all is good. If my son sneaks chocolate milk and cheetos at school I don't think feeding him crappy tasting lean meats and butterless veggies at home will make that better. I actually feed him more filling healthy fats so that he eats less of that other crap even when I am not around.

    So in the end my advice is keep up with the Primal meals and let the chips fall where they may. Heck Cordain's (paleo) first book recommended having 3 cheat meals a week and reducing that number over time. I still have one full on cheat day every week myself.
    The issue is not cholesterol when you have carbs. The issue here (for me at least), is that when we have carbs AND fat going around in our system at the same time, the body recognizes and prefers the carbs as it's primary energy source. When it does so, the fat stores on your body.

    Now, for someone who fasts regularly, gets plenty of exercise, and all that, it might not be a problem. But for the majority of folks who do neither, this is a real problem.

    To me, when you look at it this way, cholesterol isn't even the problem at all.

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    I don't know about your husband but children need fat; it is crucial to brain development. If she is getting carbs from goldfish crackers and applesauce she still needs fat. I wouldn't worry about inflammation with a child.

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