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Thread: Can i cut up a giant pumpkin and freeze the chunks?

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    Can i cut up a giant pumpkin and freeze the chunks?

    i make things daily using canned pumpkin but recently i bought a pie pumpkin and carved it up to make my own puree and i loved it. I also like just throwing a slab of the sliced pumpkin in the microwave for a bit until just tender and slathering it in butter and cinnamon and eating it like a potato. I was wondering if it would be fine to carve up a giant pumpkin into chunks wrap it up and freeze it and take out through the rest of the year as needed/wanted.

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    If you like it pureed anyway, I'd go for it. I do the same thing w/ squash after I puree/mash it. I've also chunked it and then vacuum sealed it (when I have abundance from the garden) before freezing it and I think the quality is much better when it's thawed out later. I like it this way much better than canning it.

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    I do that with my pumpkin. Cut it down in cubes, then freeze them up. Never had a problem.
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    hell yes!

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    Yes, did it before. But I like roasting and canning it more.
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