I started this primal journey in June 2012 after spending months researching and lurking around the site. It has been amazing even though I am about 70% primal. Wheat and rice were easy to give up but I have struggled with corn, both fresh corn on the cob and corn chips and potatoes, in all forms. However I have been able to cut it down to about once a week.

My real problems lie with ice cream, chocolate and diet soda, I have switched to only real ice cream with no artificial ingredients and dark chocolate. As for the diet soda, I know how toxic it is for me and I have tried switching it out with bubbly spring water or ice tea. I have made it up to 5 days without any diet soda but then I always cave. I am hoping with the cold weather upon us I won't want it as much,

Has anyone else had this problem in giving up soda? Is it the chemicals I am addicted too? Let me know how you overcame this craving/problem