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Thread: Paleo vs PCOS

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    It has not changed the facial hair issue, but my ovaries hardly ever get cysts anymore. And after nearly a decade of infertility, I have birthed two babies since switching! I may not be thin, but my body is certainly healthier. It can be different for everyone, but I find dairy fat is the most problematic fat for hormone issues, but only if it is conventional. Grassfed butter and a bit of artisanal cheese is fine for me, but cheap dairy from the regular store causes me to flare up rather quickly.

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    Consider a consult with your OB/GYN and request a script for Pregnitude. It has helped quite a bit with my wife's hirsutism. She's been primal since April, lost 43lbs so far and "fingers crossed" she returning to a somewhat normal cycle. It's worth your while and there are plenty of studies to boot the efficacy of low-carb, low-GI consumption and their positive effects on PCOS.

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    Research iodine and PCOS. Much PCOS is caused by an iodine deficiency.

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    i have pcos. i take iodine. i still have pcos.

    i stop showing pcos symptoms when i don't eat wheat.

    research pcos and wheat, see what else you come up with
    yeah you are

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    Hey all,

    I have PCOS as well, and always seem to find that anything low-carb worked so well. However, that was when I was trying absolutely any diet to lose weight. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago and have been on the pill. I took myself off a year ago because I turned my viewpoint to more holistic, natural things. I had my cycle almost normally, which was an amazing surprise!

    Side effect: not being on the pill elevated my testorterone by a mere 2 points. This was enough to cause me to not to lose weight, no matter what I was doing. I counted calories and was exercising an hour a day: not overdoing it, but enough that I should have been losing weight. I went to my endo with a full set of lab reports, and that was the only thing different between me on the pill and me off. The catch is that if I lose weight, my testosterone may decrease. Hello frustration!

    I went back on the pill back in August because it is important to me to lose weight. I've gained a little bit since then, due to not watching what I was eating at all and zero exercise. I'm a notorious yo-yo dieter, and I'm so sick of doing that to my mind and to my body. I started researching this once my friend mentioned it, and I was hooked. I was looking for something that demphasized grains and explained why. I'm a huge research nut, so all the studies and everything totally clicks with my brain.

    I'm on day 3, and I'm curious to see where it leads. I'm hopeful that I'll lose weight, and then go off the pill, and be able to stay off!

    Thanks for having this thread, nice to know other people are experiencing similar things!

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    I HAD PCOS. My OB and endocrinologist confirmed earlier this year that I no longer exhibit any of the outward physical signs of the disease. I give the credit to being primal/paleo. I have grown back about 80% of the hair that I lost and still have the facial hair issues, but other than that, its gone. You can fix it. It just takes patience and diligence.

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