Hello all, i have been a long time stalker of the forum and the site in general, i think this is my first post though.

Im 23, and i live in Western Australia, just south of Perth. I have been researching nutrition for a long time now, and am really impressed with the Primal Blueprint.

I try and follow it as much as i can, but for me the 80/20 rule sometimes gets down as far as 50/50, im finding a lack of self control is hurting my progress.

On that note, though, i have just seen the video of others on this site who just had a Grokfeast in my end of the woods, and i had no idea there were other Grokers and Grokketes in Perth, so i'd really like to get a roll call of other people around the Perth/South West area of WA, maybe we can have a bit of a meet and greet session, to help keep people on track, and enjoy a bit of community rather than me feeling like im doing this on my own.

Would be great to meet other Primallers, so please get in touch with me via this thread or PM.

Thanks all, and thanks Mark for a great site and great book!