Alright here is the challenge.... the plank !!!!!!
Post your time each week and lets just see how we do after one month....two ?????
I suppose that this is a personal challenge.... but it is also a challenge against others if you would like it to be. but....BUT to all you testosterone welding MEN out there, some of you are going to be better than us girls, some of you are not !!!!!!!!
* hopefully someone can post the traditional plank picture. I haven't got a clue how to do this !!!! most of you will know the elbows, toes routine anyways
* honesty is a virtue - we will know if you are cheating !!!!
* no rounding up to the nearest minute !!!!!
* Gwammas are allowed to partake
* any other rules need to be approved by me, and only if they help me get better !!!!!!

ok plankers - do it