Alright so I have started my track of being primal about a month ago, with occasional cheating (rice or a cookie or a bite of something) but for the past week i've been cracking down. The only cheating I do is add teriyaki or soy sauce when i fry my chicken for salads once or twice a week which I will cut down on over time and be more strict. I don't have a scale or anything, but I never feel bloated anymore and I sleep better. I'm only 20 but my 57 year old professor who looks 35 introduced me to paleo.
I'm a little sad because I'm a tad overweight, standing at 5 foot and weighing almost 150 pounds, I don't think I've lost any weight yet being paleo. I don't have a scale and I haven't weighed myself since september, and every scale is different so I'd rather not weigh myself at various people's apartments (I live in a dorm complex)

The only thing i've noticed is that the cellulite on bottom has decreased by quite a bit, though it is the same size.

I haven't been working out much except the occasional long walk, so maybe that's a contributing factor.
I'm just a little sad, I wish I could see more physical results.