So, today I went shopping at my local butchers. I have been primal for about 3 and a half months. To say that I am loving it is an understatement! All his meat is pure grass fed and his produce is seasonal and from local suppliers. I caused a bit of a stir... I started to gather my produce from outside his shop where it is beautifully displayed (cauliflower, carrots, onions etc) and on entering asked for a couple of rib eye steaks, 2 x lamb cutlets, 2 x chicken fillets, 1 lb of diced steak, he was getting everything together for me when I enquired about cow heel, he obliged me by going into the back and rooting around his freezer.. he returned with the biggest piece of cow heel that I have ever seen...I asked him was it possible to split it in half as it was clearly too much for my needs.. he obliged. The lady behind me in the queue asked what I was going to do with it.. I told her chop it up fine and slow cook it with the diced steak, onions and carrots.. that it became sticky and clung to the lips and ribs... she visibly paled. I then requested a smallish portion of liver, and then asked did he have any bones available for me to purchase to make broth. He brought forth a lovely display of marrow bones which I eagerly purchased and whilst he was getting the ox tail that I had asked for, the same lady asked what I was going to do with the bones, I explained that I would slow cook them for a long time, strain them, skim the fat and retain it, and the jelly that I was left with, I would heat a cupful every morning to have as my breakfast. The lady heaved from her toes and made the most awful retching noises, it was so loud that two butchers ran from the back of the shop to see what was going on. LOL. I left with my purchases and it only cost 19.70 apart from a few extra veg in a few days thats my shopping for the week. YAY!