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Thread: Swedish Study ABC News Report Low Carb Diet Increases risk of heart disease

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    Swedish Study ABC News Report Low Carb Diet Increases risk of heart disease

    Atkins-Like Diets may increase the risk of heart disease! was the headline.

    Comments: Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diets May Increase Cardiovascular Disease Risk - ABC News

    Amazingly the news reporter reported a 5% increase in risk, but lets say that the researchers and the reporter actually failed at math! lol.. here's why.

    4 or 5 more cases out of 10,000 isn't 5% that is .05% or a tenth of a half of a percent. In the study 1270 of 43,000 women studied got heart disease total. So this includes the group that wasn't on the low carb diet. So, 2.7% of all women develop heart disease total and .05% of women on a low carb diet got heart disease. The study proves the opposite!

    A LOW FAT DIET IS 58.06 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO CAUSE HEART DISEASE. could have been another headline. Lets do the math. As the article suggested A total of 1270 women in the study of 43,0000 developed heart disease. 5 out of every 10,000 women on a low carbohydrate diet developed heart disease so that's 21.5 women out of the 43,000 on a low carb diet developed heart disease as apposed to 1270-21.5 (total low carb dieters) = 1248.5 women out of 43,000 women on no diet at all developing heart disease. 21.5/1248.5 or 21.5 to 1248.5 who observed no diet are 58 times more likely to have a heart attack on no particular diet. I can't believe that no one in this article did the math. If anything this should show people that it is unquestionable that a low carb diet is more healthy.

    Out of embarrassment the writer of the ABC news should be submitting a new article.
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