I just picked up primal blueprint about a week ago and have a tentative meal plan as of right now. I know you are not supposed to eat necessarily on a schedule but that is how im going to list my meals but I am trying to just eat when I feel hungry and depending on when I work out.
Breakfast: 4 eggs(with yolk), 1 avocado, about 1 cup of mushrooms, fish oil supplement(Barlean's organic oils) = 2grams
Lunch: no oat oatmeal- which i found in the free recipe section online.
post workout: protein shake with soy milk- 16g protein, 4g carbs
dinner: tuna salad - 50g carbs about, 2 cans tuna - 26g protein

supplements: multivitamin

I am really trying to keep the carb count low for a couple weeks and maybe add in some stuff later. Also I assume that almond milk would be better than soy milk? This is just a tentative plan. What do you think? Appreciate any feed back