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    New here and to primal living too! I gave up dairy two weeks after the birth of my second daughter who is now 9 weeks old. I was having issues with GERD/Gastritis and suspect I am dairy intolerant. A friend recommended the wheat belly book and further research brought me to MDA. I started my journey just 2 days ago and am in the midst of wheat/gluten withdrawal but am very positive and excited.

    I'm a mum of 2 girls (eldest is nearly 3) who keep me very busy. I've always followed a very primal way of parenting so this feels like another step in the right direction for this family.

    Anyway, that's me! Nice to meet everyone!

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    As the father of two daughters I have experiences to prove that children get worse as they get older. But, they're still worth it as we now get to leave the grandchildren with them once we have had our entertainment.
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    Welcome. Keep up the good work.
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