So, while moving into a new apartment a few weeks ago, I missed a step going downstairs knee hurts....anyways, I took the last three weeks off..only really did some walking as my only exercise...lots of stretching and what not. This last weekend it felt a lot better, I can go into the squat "sitting" position and the seiza position comfortably and decided to try going back to the gym..miserable. Even the warmup squat sets with the bar hurt like all hell..wasn't even able to complete one set of five at 95 pounds without intense pain in my knee.

So anyways, decided to give my knee some more time. Figured I'd do some calisthenics. Haven't done a body weight only program in a while and know I could use it and my gym is really good at suspending memberships for injury, vacation, etc so figured I could go this route for a couple months while I recoup.

So, long story short, anyone got any links to any programs they recommend I look at, if only for inspiration if nothing else. Probably wont be solely body weight, probably want to use my sandbags or kettlebells for carrying and for my back since I don't have anything sturdy enough to do pullups or chinups in my immediate vicinity. The vast majority of my strength training, for awhile, has been barbell focused. While strong, I know my body weight stuff is lacking, so something novice or beginner level would be nice...kinda to gauge.