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Thread: 16, Acne?

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    If you're using any kind of skincare product, be sure you're also moisturizing, especially in dry weather. Many acne-fighting soaps and spot treatments dry the skin out, which makes it want to produce more oil and you start the cycle all over again. Make sure the moisturizer is oil-free and labeled non-comedogenic. Cetaphyl makes a good one, and if you live near CVS their store brand works just as well. That is what I use, but now I'm also interested in some of the natural methods mentioned above.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom5booklover View Post
    I think at your age it's definately hormone related. But there are things that might help. Removing dairy is one.

    I know this sounds crazy but it usually works. I have two teenage daughters who had mild acne and found this has helped them tramendously. They have even gotten alot of thier friends at school to use it with great sucess. I have them apply Apple cider vinegar to thier face like you would a toner (smells horendous unfortunately). Meaning at night before bed they take a cotton ball and apply the ACV to freshly cleaned skin. It works like a natural Retenol A. As the ACV has alot of Vitamin A in it as well as C and many others. I also use this as a wrinkle inhibitor daily on myself. I then have them apply coconut oil to thier faces instead of using a moisturizer. This feels wierd the first few times you use it. Kind of the oppisite (oily feeling) of what you think you need when you have acne but the coconut oil is rich in antibiotics and is very nourishing to the skin. It usually soaks into the skin really quickly. Both my daughters acne have disappeared and they now will not go without the ACV and coconut oil. They even take a little container of Coconut oil to school for after PE class.
    ^^^I was going to suggest coconut oil, as well. It sounds counterintuitive, but I use it and get a zit when anything touches my face; but not coconut oil!

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    I used to have terrible acne. Now it's only bad when I get sick or stressed. Part of it was getting older I'm sure, but the biggest changes I've noticed were from the following...

    1. Stopped washing my face
    2. Stopped washing my hair
    3. I change (or flip) my pillowcase every night.

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    I need to have my daughter try the cider vinegar and coconut oil.

    She has had some good results with taking Beta Carotene supplements.

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    I also used a salicylic acid peel that helped a lot. I think it contains 20% salicylic acid, and I would swear by it. You can get it on, just remember to wear a good sunscreen.
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