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Thread: Best commercial Potato/Tortilla chip substitue?

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    i've eaten these before: Avocado Oil Potato Chips | Good Health

    still wouldn't make it a habit. make your own!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    None. Homemade. Try sliced eggplant in a food dehydrator. Effortless and works well.
    Hi ChocoTaco369. That sounds great. Do you do anything to the eggplant or just slice & dehydrate? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by siouxelephant View Post
    Hi ChocoTaco369. That sounds great. Do you do anything to the eggplant or just slice & dehydrate? Thanks
    I lightly salted and peppered it just for some flavor, that's it. It took something like 16-20 hours on really low, though. It's definitely not a quick process.
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    Turbana Plantain chips lightly salted:


    just plantains, palm oil and salt

    i really like the sweet flavor also which is plantains, palm oil, and sugar as i dont have a problem with small amounts of sugar.

    also its ridiculously easy to make sweet potato chips in the microwave and no oil is required. just slice a sweet potato thin into chips and place on a glass plate. depending on the amount of chips you put in at a time the cooking time might vary but i usually do 5 mins and 15 seconds flipping them over at about 2 mins left. they will softish when done but will harden into crunch chips as they cool.

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    I make my own potato chips. BBQ was my favorite, now I use a blend of paprika, sea salt, and curry powder + tossed in olive oil. Delish!

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