As I wrote about in another thread on this forum earlier this week - I recently quit my CrossFit membership due to constant nagging injuries (mostly due to my own ego/stupidity). I'd been doing CrossFit for 4 months and never really excelled at it. I'm 41yo, 5'10" 191lbs.

With the CrossFit membership canceled, I'm going to take the rest of this week to let my latest injury heal before jumping into fitness again. The question now is - what do I do?

My thinking is to join a local globo-gym and focus on weight training. The reason I joined CrossFit in the first place was for the personal coaching and teaching of weight training (along with the other stuff), because when I tried lifting weights on my own I was not flexible enough to do it right. Now, after 4 months of CF and the knowledge I gained from it, I definitely know how to squat safely, clean, etc., and have built up a little bit of strength so I'm not completely weak.

But part of me says to hold off on it and just do bodyweight routine like PBF.

What do you guys think?