Setting aside the anti dairy sentiment for the moment, and keeping in mind that raw cream is a non entity where I live, and online ordering is way beyond what a pair of retires can afford, I have a choice. I can get rBST free organic ultra pasteurized or rBST free not organic but grass fed regular pasteurized cream. Neither is a rebranded generic national brand like Trader Joes. The organic is from a dairy collective in No. Calif, the other is from Clover Stornetta, a local family owned dairy in Petaluma, Ca. I buy both depending on where I shop on a given day. I only use cream in coffee and for some egg recipes. Do not drink milk at all and eat mostly raw milk cheeses when I can find them at TJs or Sprouts.

Don't tell me not to consume dairy. I did a whole 30 and it made no difference. I am northern European descent, tall, very fair and blue eyed. My ancestors were dairy producers going back to 1478 which I found out doing a genealogy project. I just wonder which of these two products is better. I know full well that getting organic cert in Calif is prohibitive and often buy organic pastured eggs from a local farmer who is not certified. So if we eat nothing but Kerrygold butter, not organic, what harm is not organic cream?