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    I live in the far east of Contra Costa county where the main grocery stores cater to low income or Hispanic shoppers. The only local store that sells organic produce has just announced its closure and is going to be replaced with a warehouse type store, with no natural foods section, no more quality meats or dairy. If you are lucky enough to be near Silicon Valley you get tons of options. If you live in a mostly Mexican population area you get inexpensive foods. I simply cannot afford the gas to drive 20 or 30 miles to get groceries. I have to try to stay as local as possible. Even the closest Whole Foods is 20 miles, and TJs is about 15.

    I get good mileage in my little car and my last 12 gallon purchase was over $60. We are trying to figure out how to escape Califirnia taxes, exorbitant gas prices, horrific traffic congestion, oppressive wood burning laws and find a place where we can possibly grow more food, have some chickens, and maybe a neighbor with a cow or two

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    I would go with the grass-fed cream. It's probably organic in everything but name anyway.

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    I would strongly recommend going with the grass fed NOT ultra-pasteurized cream. As Danielle5690 said, I"m guessing that the farmer doesn't have the money or time for organic certification, but if it is grass-fed, you'll be getting the best quality, and the ultra-pasteurized is a big NO. I wanted to pick up some cream from whole foods yesterday and they only had ultra-pasteurized and I just decided to go without. From everything I've read ultra-pasteurized is the worst, because it is so dead.

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    Female, 5'3", 50, Starting weight: 163lbs. Current weight: 135 (more or less).
    I can squat 192.5lbs, press 75lbs and deadlift 210lbs

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