So, my strength gains have slowed down. I knew it was inevitable. They haven't stopped, but they are definitely slower. So I'm thinking I should tweak things just a bit to see what happens, but I'm undecided as to how.

Goal : strength, with fat loss as a secondary goal. Strength is priority. I'll take any size gains that come with strength-focused training, but for now, hypertrophy isn't a priority.

M, W, F - starting strength with two additional accessory exercises per day, plus convict conditioning (2 work sets of 2 moves per day.
T, Th - metcons or sprints
Sat - whatever I feel like. Sometimes dance, sometimes yoga, sometimes heavy gardening.
Sun - rest

So, what would be better? I'm definitely going to stick with SS, but could everything else be hindering progress? Here are the possibilities I've thought of so far:

1. Quit metcons and sprints for now, and focus on weights (more rest time)
2. Do SS on Mon and Fri, but doing all 6 CC moves on Wed.
3. Quit CC and get rid of the accessory moves, and do a few sprints after SS (core lifts only) on M,W,F and rest on T, Th

I also get plenty of slow movement, so I don't count it as exercise per se. Just fun.

I don't think I'm overtraining necessarily, but I know that adequate rest is so important for strength development.
I'm not concerned about fat loss slowing down if I stop the metcons/sprints - if that's what it takes to make bigger gains in the gym, that's cool. I don't have a ton to lose anyway. "Strong like bull" is absolutely my goal.

So, what say you? Or should I just keep going like I am and eventually things will pick back up?