My mom just can't let a holiday go by without sending me some sort of sentimental crap sugar. *sigh*
Some of it I didn't even like as a kid - the chalky valentine's hearts spring to mind - and she pays money to ship these things to me even though she KNOWS I don't eat sugar except for "special" occasions (you know, super-rich home-made molten lava cake type occasions.)...

I thought she understood, when she didn't send me cadbury creme eggs this year (because, amongst other things, they just do NOT taste the same with HFCS and PGPR...)
but today I opened up a package with an old book and some family recipes (which I was expecting), and I find a pound (whoops, just checked, inflation hit, it's only 11.18oz) of fun-size snickers. *sigh*

I don't even want a single fun-size snickers, and the thought process that's followed is a crazy downward spiral.
I hate to waste food, but I shouldn't encourage ANYone to eat this $#!t, but the world can't sustain EVERYONE eating primal and it's their choice, so if they want it, who am I to interfere? And why did my mom think this was a good idea?.... and then my head explodes, and I look at the bag o' junk and sulk.

A few years ago, I posted on a low carb board about a vendor dropping in unannounced with a dozen donuts (for our office of 2, neither of whom are sugar eaters) and how annoyed I was with the waste of food and the fact the guy kept popping in (I have never, EVER received an office visit from someone in his line of work before, so it felt odd), and brought sugary treats on multiple occasions, expecting smiles (when I was in the middle of rushing a deadline and could barely manage time to use the bathroom and eat)...
...and SEVERAL people said I had "issues" and should just be happy that the guy was trying to be nice.

Primal people seem to be much more... uh... rational? less grumpy? I'm not exactly sure what to call it... but the point is... what do YOU do when presented with a well-meaning gift of sugar? Is there a way to tell the person "thanks for thinking of me, but please don't bring sugar" when it's likely to be a repetitive thing?

(note: I don't *really* expect solutions to the mom issue from an internet forum, but suggestions and personal anecdotes are always nice)