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Thread: Frustrations with gifted sugar...

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    I'm totally with the folks who say that you should thank your mom for them (She gave them to you after all) and give them to the local homeless/kids/trick or treaters/work/leave them somewhere/return them to somewhere that doesn't demand receipts.

    I'm keen on giving stuff like that to the homeless. Quick portable calories they don't need to keep cold. Or if you know any CW runners/long distance hikers, they're usually keen on high carb sugary treats to keep them going...?
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    How many of whatever did you get? Nothing wrong with an occasional bit of "un-primal" unless you're metabolically all sorts of messed up. Even Mark enjoys his occasional bits of bread. If you're totally against that, though, go right on ahead and find someone else who'll indulge on it, or toss it out.

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    just regift the stuff you don't want. anytime there are sugary treats on offer ta my work they get hoovered in a blink. what other people eat is not my responsibility, but being gracious upon receiving something is a nice social convention that i choose to keep.
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    I'm a diabetic so turning down sweets is pretty easy. I also have food allergies, one of which is life threatening. Thank your mom and pass the sweets on to somebody else if you can. Or else stick them in a cupboard for awhile until they are forgotten. You might mention at a later date that you have the munchies for some other food that happens to be primal-be subtle. Maybe a container of strawberries or blueberries or a jar of nut butter. Hopefully she will take a hint and come with better treats. If not, give her a hug and thank her anyways.
    I will indulge in an occasional meringue cookie, beaten egg whites with vanilla or other flavor extract and just enough sweetening to taste and slow baked in a 200 degree oven.
    With workplace munchies I just say I can't eat them but thank you for the thought. If they press you for a reason, say you are on a diet or allergic or can't eat sugar or wheat or whatever.

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    I never did understand the "if you don't eat it you have wasted it" Because if you eat something you don't need or want, you have wasted it anyway. I personally would say, thanks for sending it, it will be useful for Halloween, because you know I don't eat that stuff right? just keep planting the seeds

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    If I am given food that I consider to be 'junk' - then I throw it out without the slightest tinge of regret. It was garbage and I put it away where I put all garbage. Very few people are going to starve in the US for want of a bag of snickers.

    Fortunately my parents are far more likely to give me 1/4 beef or some pheasants/duck. My in-laws are a whole 'nother story, but I'm actually grateful when they give me something that is so easily dispositioned. Unlike the gaudy crystal goblets that sat in storage for 5 years....

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