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    Increasing grip strength

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    Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if you have any tips? I have started increasing the amount of weight I can do with dumbell exercises. Anyhow I'm finding it hard to hold on to a 25 lb dumbell when doing rows. I can actually lift it but my grip starts to give out. I know there are lifting straps available out there but I was just curious if there are ways to increase it without using straps.

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    Keep lifting without straps and your grip will improve.
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    Also, you can improve your grip strength by hanging from a pull-up bar, or something like that, for increasing amounts of time.

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    farmers walks
    dead hangs
    pull ups holding onto a towel
    fingertip push ups

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    farmers walks for sure. Try this with dumbbells and also with plates (you'll have to pinch them to hang on!)

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    google captians of crush grip trainers

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    Quote Originally Posted by arthurb999 View Post
    google captians of crush grip trainers
    I was just about to recommend these. I started using them six weeks ago and my grip strenght exploded

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    Another good way is to do some barbell complexes occasionally. I have a ton of grip strength but short fingers and huge palms (it's weird, and sucks for guitar, seriously) and use a complex that really amps up your grip strength. Put a weight you can handle on a bar and do each of these 8 times, fast, without putting the bar down:

    Romanian Dead Lift
    Jumping Shrugs
    Hang Cleans

    Then rest a minute, then do it again, and repeat up to 5 total rounds if you can handle it. Your forearms and grip muscles will want to run away and pee on themselves after the first round. Give it a shot.

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    farmer's walks are great, because bottom line - there's no easy answer here. you have to keep doing the very thing that you feel you can't do effectively. you need to keep doing heavy lifts without using straps. barbell work without straps - just pure grip - is the best forearm training there is, followed by farmer's walks. just basically... doing it.

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    I used dead hangs and straight overhead sledgehammer swings to improve my deadlift grip strength. Also, I don't know if its more of a wrist rather than all out grip, but I'm going to start doing (bare with me) wrapping a weighted string/rope around a thick 'handle'. I don't know the correct name for it, if any. I get a thick dowel (stair handrail?) and attach a string/rope to the centre. Attach a weight to the other end and let it hang, then wind it to the top by twisting the bar/handle like you're on a motorcycle.

    Hope that makes sense :s

    EDIT; hanging weight roll-ups (YouTube?)
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