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Thread: Increasing grip strength

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    Hanging from a bar, or a towel that is hanging over a bar is the best start, if you want a minimalist approach. The thicker the bar or the thicker the towel, the harder it gets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cayla29s View Post
    Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if you have any tips? I have started increasing the amount of weight I can do with dumbell exercises. Anyhow I'm finding it hard to hold on to a 25 lb dumbell when doing rows. I can actually lift it but my grip starts to give out. I know there are lifting straps available out there but I was just curious if there are ways to increase it without using straps.
    Practice. And concentrate on really squeezing your grip around the bell. I used to use a Gripmaster Tension hand gripper to improve my pull strength for shooting, so maybe that would help? We have things like FatGripz at the gym that go around the weight and force you to increase your grip. It might require you to go lower in weight at first but it does strengthen grip over time.

    I would not use the straps if you are looking to improve. Save those for insanely heavy weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoriWser View Post
    I hope you have to set a diet plan plan first after this just follow the simple instructions
    Use maximum water daily at least 2.9 litter.
    Increase the use of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    Use more vegetables in the diet
    Try to eat salads.
    Walking is a good exercise
    try to swimming or ups and down too.
    haha spammers... my grip strength was shit until i started "using more vegetables in the diet." good one

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    Pretty much what everyone said, to make it simple, hold a dumbbell for as long as you can and grip as hard as you can

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    +1 for everything already mentioned. I'd add one-hand kettlebell swings with the thickest-handled bell you can find.
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    okay thanks for all the advice. I really only have a problem with holding a DB with one hand. If I do lower the weights then it just doesn't do anything for me and therefore I have to up the weights.

    I will look up some of the suggestions you guys mentioned and let you know if it works. Yeah I did not think that getting lifting straps is that great.

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