The post on MDA about vitamin D is 2 years old and I didn't really want to ask there, so I've decided to ask on here.

I'm thinking of taking a vitamin D supplement, after reading Practical Paleo and understanding the importance of it after reading about it more on MDA.

I see that there are basically 2 options (well 3 if you include the sun, but I don't get much sunlight)

Pill form or a sublingual spray which apparently reaches the gut better without being destroyed. (You simply spray it underneath your tounge)

Here's a link: Victoria Health : D Lux 3000 Spray

I think that the ingredients are fine, other than the sunflower lecithin and the potassium sorbate is of course questionable.

Which would you get? Of course the spray is more convenient but that doesn't mean it's better in all cases.

Thanks all,