Sorry for the rambling but feel I want to get it off my chest!

Had dinner out with friends last night at a nice Italian restaurant (Carluccio's for anyone in the UK!) - had a yummy seafood platter for main course, some veg, mozarella and proscuitto.... so a big dinner but pretty good/primal for eating out (avoided pasta, pizza and bread quite happily).

Then today... feeling tired and working from home, and seem to have completely lost my normal eating habits!! Have been snacking on crisps all day (and I know they shouldn't be in the house but we have teenagers and it isn't a battle I will win...), have had three greek yoghurts and some leftover chilli.... can't quite believe I have ended up eating such random stuff....

I think staying up late and having a big dinner completely throws me out of whack.

Sigh. Tomorrow is another day!