Ok so the fiance will be my husband on Friday but whatever....

I have one son who has always been a picky eater. He is 14. He lived with his dad for 2 years. His father eats garbage for the most part. Now all this kid eats is chicken nuggets, chicken, a little bacon or ham occasionally (he used to be a vegetarian because of sensory issues), corn, cucumbers, pizza, chips, pancakes, bread, peanut butter, fries, fruit, yogurt, granola bars, cereal, candy, plain pasta, plain rice, and milk.

My other two kids spent the summer with their father and his girlfriend. He knows how to eat right and was even primal with me shortly before we broke up. He knows how well we felt and the kids felt and acted. Being on a low budget they ate tons of garbage all summer. Jail House burritos was especially popular. If you don't know what they are look it up and you will VOMIT. All they want to eat is chips and soda.

My fiance is an old fashioned farmer. He really eats pretty well for someone who only knows SAD CW stuff about food and believes you need grains to live. He has AMAZING will power when it ccomes to food. He drinks water and milk only. Occasionally, I would say once a week he will have a juice or a rootbeer. If he has a rootbeer that day he will not eat any sort of dessert. But he is stuck thinking you must have grains to live and he freaks when I use a ton of butter, coconut oil, or lard to cook something.

I really would like to just stop buying the grains and crap but I am afraid of an uprising. Especially picky son #1. Would you just stop buying the garbage and not make a big deal out of it. My younger two kids KNOW they felt better when they ate better. My daughter was so happy her eczema cleared up a lot. They both slimmed down. My son who was only 7 at the time knew he slept better and felt calm. I just fear son #1 will starve himself and my fiance will divorce me before we even get through a month of marriage. If anyone has a blog on the topic I would love a link!