Thanks to being the proud new mama to 6 laying hens, I'm swimming in eggs these days - real, fresh (sometimes still warm!), dark yellow yolked eggs. So I'm finding different ways to use them.

I have a German onion soup recipe, passed down through hubby's family, for a soup with white wine broth with a raw egg laid on top of the cheese/bread layer and then stirred into the hot broth. It immediately cooks the yolk as it blends, making the broth creamy, rich and golden. A whole new soup-eating experience. And the idea, if not the German onion soup, is entirely Paleo and Whole30 compliant.

So today, I made turkey vegetable soup (what else the day after Canadian Thanksgiving ?). Because of being on a Whole30 restriction for October, I couldn't use potatos, starchy foods, legumes or dairy to "rich up" the soup. So I tried the egg yolk trick from my onion soup recipe. Just separate the yolk from the white as you crack the egg, then place it gently on the centre of the broth in the bowl. Then break the yolk with your spoon and stir in. Wow!! The broth goes from clear to opaque, but not like a milk based creaminess - it's something entirely different.

It could be done with any broth-based soup.