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Thread: Is vitamin c and citric acid derived from corn the same as that from fruit?

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    Is vitamin c and citric acid derived from corn the same as that from fruit?

    like if someone has bad reactions to corn would taking a supplement or eating a food with vitamin c as and additive that is derived from corn cause a problem? I know vitamin c can come from fruit, sugar, corn, beef, potatoes, and other places and i was wondering if its all the same regardless of the source and if i would have a reaction to it.

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    AFAIK, something like 90% of the vitamin C sold in the U.S. is from China.

    Not known for their quality control over there, are they?

    Malt-O-Meal maker sues over tainted ingredient |

    Why do you want to take the supplement? What's wrong with eating half a grapefruit with your breakfast or something of the sort?

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    Much of the citric acid available is derived from corn. People that are allergic/sensitive/intolerant to very small amounts of corn report having adverse reactions to citric acid derived from corn. There is some information online wrt corn reactions and an extensive list of products that may contain small amounts of corn.
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