I've really loved the process of going Primal. I feel so much better...but my budget has just taken too large a hit. There is no other "meat" that I CAN cut from it (bad pun).

I am thinking that skinless boneless chicken breast from Trader Joe's is probably the least offensive I can find - I don't want fat or skin if it isn't pastured poultry - and then use good quality oils when I cook it. Not that I am going to replace all of my grass-fed beef and pastured poultry with it but I've got to find some way to bring my food budget back into the real of reasonable. I already know which fruits and vegetable I can purchase that are non-organic.

I hate to do this - but I don't see another way around it. How have others dealt with this? I am thinking that more poultry, canned fatty fish, lean pork chops, and focus on marrow bones/less expensive cuts of grass-fed beef (which I am doing anyway) should bring my budget back under control.