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Thread: Could you quantify your 50-100g carbs a day please?

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    there is net carbs too vs total carbs. so that is total carbs minus the fibre i think? i count net carbs.

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    I just tallied mine for today (never counted them up before!) and I apparently eat a lot more carbs than many others do. But then again, I am not really trying to lose weight, just maintain.

    Total for today = 99g
    Banana 31
    2 tbsp coconut flour 8
    Canned pumpkin 9
    1/2 sweet potato 12
    2 eggs 1
    Zucchini 4
    Tomato sauce 9
    Italian sausage 1
    Pecan larabar 24

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    Thanks every one, very helpful, i feel i must be sitting in the 50-100 band quite easily most days

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    This has been an interesting thread, while I need around 70 carbs a day with my activity level, I have problems getting over 45-50. This thread has been helpful to give me other ideas that doesn't include fructose. Squash, sweet potatoes, and the occasional banana are my friends and I need to remember that!

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