Hey there!!

Okay, so, I'm not the only one in my living area who's primal. My cat is as well. She loves getting bits and pieces of my primal meals, and she eats a non-grain kibble cat food, and likes to lick the gravy off of a grain-free wet cat food. (I don't know why she doesn't eat it, but...::Shrug?::

Here's the thing though. I think she's getting bored. No, not with the food, she loves that, but I think she needs more brain stimulation, because she's taken to yowling. I was recently dragging my laptop power supply over to me, and she was like "OOh! Thing!" and we played with it for about five minutes, then I fuzzled the crap out of her, and she's set to grooming herself.

But, I'm wondering, is there any enrichment I could offer her while I'm not here? I work a 9-5 and commute an hour and a half to get there, so I'm not here as much as I'd like to be for her. So, any ideas would be fantastical! I live with her basically in a studio (One room mate has dogs, and I'm sure she'd eat the dogs, and my Girlfriend is allergic to her, so she wouldn't be able to roam the whole house even after the dogs are gone)