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    Quote Originally Posted by echoyjeff222 View Post
    I probably can't afford fresh berries ... so is it worth it to buy organic berries, or are conventional frozen berries not THAT bad (in terms of pesticides)
    3# bags of frozen organic mixed berries or wild blueberries are $10 at BJ's.

    That is way cheaper than conventional fresh, unless in season. And they taste way better, too.

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    Mark said in one of his posts frozen berries are actually better than fresh because they are frozen straight after picking, which preserves the nutrients and antioxidants, while "fresh" berries can be up to a week old from picking to being sold at the store.

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    frozen is totally fine!

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    I would use organic strawberries because they are one of the fruits that is very heavily sprayed. That said I don't most of the time:~/

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    Quote Originally Posted by echoyjeff222 View Post
    I was wondering if frozen berries were something that would be ideal to buy organic -- do frozen berries have less pesticides in general than fresh berries?

    Either way, would you recommend spending my "organic food" budget on berries, or on something else like meat?
    Frozen berries still have pesticide residue, but *some* apparently not always as much as fresh. So it is best to buy them organic. Freezing them will not make any pesticide residue inert. I say work to buy BOTH organic berries and grass fed beef. That is just me. Lower quality cuts of grass fed meat can be just fine. Seasonal organic berries cost less. Buy them when they are in season and freeze them yourself. Very easy. Very lightly wash, dry on paper towels until dry, put in single layer on cookie sheet and freeze. When frozen, transfer to freezer safe bags.

    A little too late for this year, sadly. Berry season done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    I'm in NZ. There is no costco here.
    Trade you ;-)
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    I eat frozen berries and other fruit every single day, but I don't honestly worry that much about pesticides in my food when I work inside an industrial-zone office building. My food is SO not on the top of list of sources of industrial poisons.
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    I use frozen raspberries for smoothies with greek yoghurt (sometimes with banana, mmmmm) - if I buy fresh I can't always use them in time, or alternatively run out mid-week so from a practical perspective frozen is better for me. I have yet to find frozen organic raspberries over here......

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    As per my opinion, I think the most important foods to buy clean are animal foods, pastured meat, poultry & eggs, wild-caught fish, raw dairy. For me, if broke, I'd rather buy more eggs and less of everything else than buy crappy animal foods.

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