So this brand spankin' new journal will be a short one. It took me almost two weeks to figure out my activation e-mail was sitting in my spam folder and that's why I couldn't post new threads. And I'm supposed to be technologically inclined... I plan it on the fact that my PC is in pieces on my office floor and I'm relying on my phone to check emails and be my main browser until I have time to rebuild my computer.

Moving on... I'm basically making a journal for my benefit down the road. If anyone feels so inclined to read and keep up with my scrambled musings and periodic posts, welcome!

Slight and quick introduction... I'm a 28-year-old lady from the Midwest... Been obese since, oh... 10? I remember weighing in at 200lbs when I was 12, despite being active as a kid. Moving on to high school, I hovered at 220lb all four years, lost about 30 pounds through college just to bounce back to 220 in my mid-20s. Got married in 2008 and I was right at 250. Decided to take the easy way out a few got the Lap Band surgery in 2010...lost about 40lbs to bring me to 195. Gained every ounce back and here I am today... The Lap Band surgery was a waste of time for me. Spent two years getting fills and un fills, following an insanely strict diet with no luck. I'm part of the 60% it does nothing for... Good for me.

I'm currently on day 13 of starting my primal life and I am loving it! I thought giving up beer (which is a passion of mine) and sugar (which I was absolutely addicted to) would be tougher than it has been but I'm going strong and haven't looked back. I haven't yet worked the fitness aspect into it due to work and home life but I can't keep using that excuse forever! I work in retail so the hours are insane and unpredictable.

Today was a mostly fasting day for me. I ate about 2 oz of crockpotted pork shoulder when I got home from work about 8:30 but I'll continue to fast until tomorrow mid-morning when I have time after I get to work and settle in. I'll be at the Cardinals playoff game tomorrow so I'll probably be munching on nuts and processed jerky most of the night so I could use the cleansing time today.

Well this posted turned out longer than I imagined... And, I already know everything about me.

Until next time,