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Thread: The CrazyCatLady's Journal

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    The CrazyCatLady's Journal

    Okay now, I am ready to start my journal. Background: I am 45, 5'4", female, have 3 kids that I homeschool. We have about 3 acres, 25 ducks and about 23 geese. Slowly, over the last couple of years, my weight has crept up to 159. That was this summer, when in August a friend linked MDA with a story about wheat. I kept reading. I thought about it some...I feel better when I have an egg for breakfast than when I eat cereal. My weight keep going up despite attempts to get it down. There is a good bit of science behind primal. This just made sense to me.

    So, while my husband was away for a week, I started. I got the book and cookbooks from the library. I realized that "my" standard diet was easy to adapt - take out the rice and pasta, and my stir fries and curries still make a pretty good meal if I add in more vegetables. My oldest picked up the Primal Blueprint book and finished it before I could.

    I am now down to 145, which is where I was for years before my weight went up the last couple of years. Those first 10+ came off easy, and have stayed off, despite a couple of few pounds gains that came after eating out. I think I need to cut the nuts and fruit mix that I have been snacking on, and do something like celery and salsa or such for my snacks. Overall, I love that I am not hungry.

    My exercise is so-so. I am working on lifting my body, (and feed bags) and doing some running and sprints. Slowly working in more as I can, which is hard with the schedule of schooling my kids at home. One in particular needs a consistent schedule. I am trying to be more regular. Also a compounding factor is the fires in Western Washington that are making the air quality horrible. My sinuses hurt all the time from the little I am out side. I am praying for rain, for the people where the fires are, as well as for my health.

    Today was not a great primal day.

    B: Soft boiled duck egg, 2.5 sausage links
    L: Walmart fried chicken breast. It made me feel sick. If I eat it again, I am not eating the skin.
    D: Seafood medley with eggplant on pasta. I kept my pasta small. Broccli/Cauliflower salad
    S: Fruit and Nut mix, almonds, not sure the portions (something I need to work on.)
    E: Walked for about 10 minutes until my head hurt too much from the smoke.
    Starting weight in July: 159
    Weight this morning:146
    Goal: 135 or less.

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    Welcome. I'm glad it's going well. I think your exercise is fine. My standard advice. Some sprints, lots of lifting feed bags, keeping up with 3 kids. Your exercise is primal. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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    Thanks Hedonist2!

    So far here is what I have noticed has changed in my body besides weight. My hip that has hurt most nights for the last 7 years is not hurting. I no longer have "shaky need to eat Triscuits" time in the afternoon. My "Bible Bump" on my wrist is gone. I am sleeping a lot better. I fit into clothing I couldn't just a year ago. (I am very frugal, I hate having to buy new clothes because I got fatter.) Oh, and that pesky thing we women sometimes have after having kids, the "running pee" that I had going on, it seems to be gone, unless I eat some wheat products.

    Meals today:

    B: Soft boiled duck egg
    L: Left overs. Chinese meatballs with cabbage, broccoli/caulflower/carrot salad, and some ricotta cheese that was going to go bad if no one ate it. I really need to get out of that habit and start feeding stuff to kids.
    S: a few almonds - about 10. Way down from yesterday.
    D: Vegetable soup/stew. A few carrots, an onion, lots of cabbage and beef.
    S: I will probably have some really dark chocolate chips later, about a handful.

    Didn't get much exercise in today as I had to take youngest to doctor. I think it is allergies and smoke, but he has been complaining of headache and stomach ache. I think he has sinus drainage. We will see if the meds doctor said help. I think a good rain would help the most. I know it would help my head.

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    It is nice to wake up before the alarm clock.

    W:145, but one inch off my waist from last week.
    B: soft boiled duck egg, tea with sugar (2 teaspoons)
    S: Apricot bar (yes I cheated. 46 carbs.)
    L: Broccoli salad, V8, a few almonds
    S: part of a soft boiled duck egg, few almonds
    D: Squash goulash.
    S: handful of dark chocolate chips

    I got in a good 45 minutes of fast walking today while kids were in classes.

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    Still getting crazy head aches from the smoke. But, doing well with things otherwise.

    W: 143 - yay! It seems that my stall is over!
    B: 3 little sausages, 2 cups green tea, one teaspoon sugar each.
    S: almonds, water with some cider vinegar
    L: Liverwurst
    S: same as earier
    D: chicken thigh baked on bed of kale. Cucumber salad with avocado and sour cream. Sliced tomatoes. Sadly, the last of the ones from our garden.
    S: Chocolate chocolate chip cookie and small amount of apple juice at gathering. Yes, I have to learn how to not be so polite.

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