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Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I have been reading the book, and then I got the 21 day workbook, so I'm hoping that will help. Today was my first day on primal food, and so far have done good. The hard part is when I get home from work and have access to more food I have decided to do it by the book for 7 days, and then re-evaluate and see how I'm feeling. 21 days seems a little scary, but I know I can go 7 days. I'm hoping after 7 days, I will feel good and want to continue. As for the smoking....I quit cold turkey, no patches or anything, and it has been WAY easier than quitting sugar. Good luck with the smoking thing. I think for me I was just ready to quit so it was fairly easy. I will keep in touch and let you know how things go. It's always nice to have someone to talk to who understands what I'm going through.

Thanks again
Some very nice people have given me some encouragement via this forum and I am more than happy to pay it forward. Awesome job on cold turkeying the smoking thing. Me too, cold turkey. So far so good. I was not a super super carb addict, so I don't think the carb flu thing hit me as badly as some people. I really hope you can stick it out through that though. Let me know how you feel after your first week! Change is hard, whether its forced on you or you choose it is just a technicality. The fact is that if you can get through a change that you had no choice to get through, you can get through a change that you chose for your own good. That strength all comes from the same place and I can tell that you have it! Keep us posted!!!!