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    Thanks for this thread! I have been making a drink that consists of cold brewed raspberry & black tea (of green or white tea), half full fat coconut milk, and stevia. I should add some more ingredients to create a "fat bomb".

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    For a weekend brunch that holds me til dinner, I am a new fan of Son of Grok's flan . It's also a fat bomb and I think could be modified to include other fruits or to skip the fruit altogether. It also doesn't require any sweetener, IMO.
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    barefoot gentile....gotta love your relentless trolling...lmao

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    I love me some fat bombs.

    I just made a dessert that's going on my blog. It involves copious amounts of coconut milk, unsweetened chocolate, raw cacao, and nut butter, if you choose. Xylitol for sweetness.

    I'm calling it "chocolate pots". It's AMAZEBALLS.
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    Oooh, just had an idea...

    Two cups of a "chocolaty" black tea such as Keemun Hao Ya A, Golden Monkey, or Yunnan Golden Tips (brew with water, add while still hot)
    Two tablespoons coconut oil
    One square unsweetened bakers chocolate
    Six to eight ounces of coconut milk or heavy cream
    Stevia if desired


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fernaldo View Post
    Yeah, you should stick with 3oz of Special K and fresh berries with non-fat milk
    I stopped eating cereal when I was 7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barefoot Gentile View Post
    I stopped eating cereal when I was 7.
    Grains in whichever form are still not much of a difference whether they are cereal, pizza or pasta I am afraid.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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