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Thread: Crock Pot Users! Need help figuring out the SIZE to purchase!

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    Crock Pot Users! Need help figuring out the SIZE to purchase!

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    First, thanks to all of you who take the time to respond to threads

    I am somewhat convinced a crock pot is the way to go for cooking my broth/stock. I plan on making something that will yield about 12 cups of broth. Knowing that we just fill this up with cold water to just cover the bones, what size crock should I get? Thanking you in advance!


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    Gosh, I dont even know what size mine are. I have two relatively new ones, that the liners were dropped, so I am back to using my smaller one. Kind of a pain. So I guess based on that statement, a large one

    But I like to make extra to freeze, so I guess another factor is on how fast you can use it and how much you can store also.

    Oh just re-read your post. 12 cups is 3 quarts, and then the bones also, and any veggies.... Even if you get a larger one, you dont have to fill it full. I always like to go bigger.
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    I think ours is a 4qt? I recovered 2 qts of broth from a whole chicken carcass and it didn't really turn into jello in the frig, so I probably added a bit too much water. 12 cups is 3 qts and I'd guess you should allow at least another qt in volume for the bones. For regular cooking for a family of 4, I find ours is too large. If you really want to make 3qts of broth a week, I suppose it might not be.
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    We got a 4 litre on (1 gallon to US people...) but looking back we wish we'd got a 6-8 litre one, since we regularly fill it to the max and sometimes can't get everything in it.
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    Get the largest you can find. It's easy NOT to fill it to the top if you want to make a smaller batch of whatever; but when you want to make a large batch, you need a big one!

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    I agree, get the largest one you can find and that will fit your kitchen.

    I have a batch of chili simmering in mine right now. Will freeze several portions for lunch this week before bed tonight.
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    IMO, go big rather than small.

    Ours holds a gallon, and there's only 2 of us. As others have mentioned, you don't have to fill it up.

    I got a smaller pressure cooker and almost immediately regretted it.

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    I have a 6-quart cooker that I use for my bone broth. I use quite a bit of bone so that I get a good gel, and I usually get about 12 C of broth out of it. And it is fantastic for doing large cuts of meat. I suggest the oval over the round shape for the large size. I find it is easier to get roasts and chickens into.
    Don't discount having more than one slow-cooker. They are really useful, and being able to match the recipe you are making with an appropriate size, makes them more efficient. You can always under-fill, but it is not ideal.
    Most thrift stores have crock pots at good prices, and really, for the use I get out of it, even the full-price at Target was well worth it.
    I have a 2-quart cooker that I find useful for making small meals and desserts, and a 2-Cup mini that is great for dips. I'd like to get a 4-quart, and one of those 3-way slow-cookers eventually.

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    Go BIG -- my large crock is oval-shaped and will also handle tough cuts of meat, like shoulder roasts. Keep an eye out for large pots that are sold with a small pot "bonus." I got my little one that way, and use it to make small pots of chicken-bone/fat broth for the 10 feral alley cats I feed each morning. (Crazy cat-lady starter kit . . .)

    I also have one of the standard sized pots, with two crocks, one left over from an old one I used to death. That one is perfect for rendering lard and cooking lamb & pig hearts, etc.

    Still, I never bother to make bone broth in anything other than the big guy.

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    I had a six quart that wasn't quite big enough for making stock so I bought a 7 qt one. The new one is great for stocks and some stews so I kept the smaller one for when I didn't need so much room.

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