I have always had a sensitive stomach, always as in forever, even when I was a little kid, and even the first time I tried to eat primal about 4 years ago (at 42), I couldn't eat greasy, meaty foods without feeling really ill with terrible indigestion for days on end. 4 years ago, I did not need to lose weight, but I was probably skinny fat, I looked good in clothes but I have a feeling I thought I looked better than what I really did, even at my ideal weight of 115. That being said, I have always been able to eat whatever I wanted and how much I wanted and never had a weight problem, never counted calories, watched what I ate or when I ate.... it didn't matter, I stayed at around 115-125 depending on the time of year. Holidays I guess I gained more because I moved around less and ate more, possibly.

Somewhere within the last 4 years, I have acquired a bigger appetite than I had before, one that was not satisfied by eating.... very scary that I could eat 24 hours a day and never get that FULL or that feeling that you didn't want any more to eat. I was out eating my husband and everyone else in my family, and could eat more within minutes of finishing a large meal. It did not seem to matter what the meal was, besides the fact that I rarely ate crap. I did eat breads, cakes and such, but I also ate huge amounts of lean meat, veggies fruits and salad. I do not add dressings or sauces to my food except for maybe some of my moms homemade gravy.

At this time of increased eating, I did gain some control of my appetite by eating more protein, I eat greek yogurt with protein powder sometimes 3 times a day and it helped.... now I am down to eating yogurt and protein 1 time a day and I am eating more meat, eggs and veggies. I have been fairly successful eating under 100 g of carbs a day. I no longer eat grain/bread/cereal etc.

Now, my question... the first is of course, why am I not losing weight, inches or my body changing in any way. I am eating the same amount of calories as I was before I cut out the non primal stuff... and I'm not gaining. I am fairly active during the day with my work, I figure I am moderately active. I have been eating primal for 3 weeks give or take a few days.

Next question is why after my stomach being so sensitive for all these years, not being able to eat bacon or burgers or anything greasy... that I can eat unlimited amounts of any greasy food now?

Any ideas would be appreciated. Also, how to get my weight loss started again, the only weight I have lost in this 2 year journey to get back to 115 lbs is when I finally went ballistic and dropped my calories to 1000 and started taking Liquid Amino drops. Yes, I realize that I can do this again, but I did not feel healthy and I was starving and hiding from my family gorging on food secretly because I felt like I was letting them down by cheating on my diet. I eat 1800 calories a day, less is not going to work well for me, I cannot function when I am hungry and my work is demanding and stressful, cutting calories may get me fired, literally.